We have been cooperating for more than 30 years with prestigious national and international companies which manufacture gas & steam turbines.

Thanks to the experience gained during years our R&D department developed important engineering solutions by manufacturing real technological jewels, the ones for geometry and performance.
We manufacture special cutters in HSSCO-PM (ASP) and Solid Carbide according to the working conditions and needs of the customer. More in details we manufacture milling cutters for machining "rotor groove", cutters commonly know as “Christmas cutter” or “fir tree cutter” name due to the particular form our cutters work. Furthermore we produce milling cutters for machining blade root and blade foil. We can produce and supply not only the single cutter for a single operation, but the full package of cutters for machining the complete particular (the groove and/or blade root) We are able to manufacture our cutters with sharpened profile and grinding profile as well, according to the working conditions and customer requirements (please see table).
Each milling cutters is submitted to rigorous checks accompanied by individual test certificates.
Usually we make the service of re-sharpening (and re-coating) on our milling cutters as well.

In particular our milling cutters are manufactured for the machining of:

  • Milling rotor groove
  • Slotting groove of blade stationary
  • Milling turbine ring
  • Milling blade root
  • Milling blade foil



Some examples of cutters produced