End mills and
special milling cutters

More than half a century of experience and many partnerships with local production excellences have enabled us to reach a high quality in the production of special tools.

Thanks to its large park machines of the latest generation Rime is able to manufacture special cutting tools of different kinds for various sectors, both in small and in large series, designed to meet the specific needs of each particular sectors, which have great needs for specialization, quality and reliability.
We are organized to manufacture cutting tools starting from different raw materials, solid carbide, HSS or ASP (Sintered Steel from dust). We manufacture milling cutters, form cutters, shell end mills, disc milling cutters, T cutters, micro end mills, cylindrical drills, step drills, taper drills, cylindrical reamers, taper reamers, reamers shape, brazed cutters and reamers, counter bores, shaper, small broaches, punches etc..

We are specialized in several sectors:



Some examples of Rime's tools

Cutting tools for automotive sector

Cutting tools for arms sector

Cutting tools for energy sector

Cutting tools for Moulds & Dies