Energy saving

In summer of 2012 RIME has installed on his building a solar photovoltaic system. We are convinced that quality of life is highly related to the respect of our ecosystem. Install a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building allows producing energy respecting the territory:

  • It reduces the emission of pollutants
  • A saving of fossil fuel
  • It produces no noise pollution

Our system has the following features:

Installed power 98 kWp
Average annual production to Kwp: 875 kWh / kWp (estimated)
Average total annual production plant: 85,750 kWh / year (average estimated in 20 years)
Avoided emissions of CO2 for every kWh produced (Factor Italian electricity mix): 531g/Kwh
Average total annual avoided emissions of the plant: 45.53 Tons/year
Number of panels: 400 panels certified according to CEI / IEC 31215

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