• Special milling cutters

    Special milling cutters

    End mills for turbines &
    End mills and special milling cutter

Rime is known mainly for high quality of its end mills. We are specialised in manufacturing of milling cutters and reamers for many important sectors such as energy and power generation where we manufacture cutter for machining the components of turbines, we manufacture cutters for arms producers, cutters for automotive and aeronautical.

These sectors asked for very high precision cutters with strict tolerance and where it is a must to release the certificate of cutters.

Example of milling cutters produced are:

  • milling cutters with sharpened and grinding profile;
  • fir tree cutters for rotor groove and for blade;
  • Taper cutter and toric cutter for dies;
  • cutter for pantograph;
  • form cutter;
  • cutter for semi finishing;
  • cutter with irregular division;
  • end mill with unequal helix;
  • end mill with chamfer;
  • countersink;
  • side & face cutter.

Example of reamers we produce:

  • step reamers, taper reamers;
  • reamers with straight teeth;
  • adjustable reamers;
  • reamers for gun barrels;

Other example of special tools we produce:

  • small broaches;
  • step drills;
  • space drills;
  • special drills;
  • special tools for arms producer.

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